Standpoint PH Press Release


Exploretale Technologies develops Standpoint PH for a well-informed 2022 Philippine National Elections

Philippines, January 21, 2022 – With an aim of making the 2022 National Elections have well-informed voters, Exploretale Technologies, a software company based in Antipolo, Philippines, has developed an app that will serve as an unbiased platform for voters to have respectful political discussions. The app called Standpoint PH was released on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android) in early January 2022 to let voters, non-voters, and politicians altogether exchange insights and knowledge to help voters choose who they deem to be the best candidate to run the country.

“We intend this platform to be a catalyst for change. We want the voters to get to know our politicians better and understand the importance of electing candidates who have the best interests of the Filipino people at heart,” said John Eris Villanueva, Founder and Product Lead of Exploretale Technologies.

As the national elections draw near, voters need reliable information and an unbiased platform for political discussions all the more. While there are social media platforms and news outlets they can depend on to get vital information about the candidates, it cannot be denied that these platforms may be corrupted with biased information and political propaganda.

Engagement buying, trolls, and fake news are rampant nowadays, especially on social media. Unfortunately, these strategies are widely being used by some politicians, therefore distorting the information available about them online. Voters are then left to scrutinize the information they see, yet another problem lies there–not everyone has the luxury of time to collect all the information to determine what is true and what is fake. 

Exploretale Technologies’ solution? Standpoint PH – a social media platform built to discuss politics. 

There are three main features of the app–the verification process, the politician page, and the discussion page. 

To be able to ensure accountability on the app, only verified users can post, comment, and react to posts and discussions. The identity of each user is verified so there will be no fake accounts that can be used for propaganda. 

Users will also be able to learn about the politician’s background, accomplishments, and stand on certain issues through the politician page. The app includes a feature to tag politician pages so that related posts about that politician are in one place. Users may show their preference to certain politicians by clicking on the support and follow button on the politician page.

Lastly, Standpoint’s discussion page allows the exchange of information and ideas about the candidates, their platforms, and the election process in general. News from different reliable sources are aggregated and posted for discussion as well.

Standpoint can be downloaded on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).

App Store (iOS): https://apps.apple.com/us/app/standpoint-ph/id1598587738
Play Store (Android): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ph.standpoint

For inquiries, concerns, or partnerships, contact the Standpoint team at standpoint@exploretale.com.

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